Residential homes and businesses throughout Florida can suffer from catastrophic water damages after a pipe break. Nationwide, studies show that water mains are breaking by increasing numbers in the US and Canada over recent years, and Florida is not exempt from this exposure. 

Protect yourself and ensure you get the compensation you deserve by acting quickly. In the information below, we reveal what you need to do if you have experienced a pipe break.

Is Water Damage from a Pipe Break Covered by Insurance?

Nearly all homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage caused by a pipe break because these incidents occur suddenly and unexpectedly. However, the insurance company sees it’s job as to pay out as little as possible. Therefore, they will do everything in their power to find a way to exclude coverage for these types of losses.

Signs of a Broken Water Pipe

Identifying a broken water pipe quickly and acting immediately is crucial for limiting the extent of the damages

Signs of a Busted Water Pipe May Include:

  • Inconsistent Water Pressure
  • Back-ups through toilets, showers, drains
  • Smelly, Contaminated Water
  • Leak of water from any part of the plumbing system or flooding
  • Hot spots in certain parts of your floor
  • An abnormal spike in your water bill

Over time, you may also notice other damages, including mold or water marks,. At this point it is likely that extensive damages have occurred.

Act Immediately After a Pipe Break

Immediately do the following if you believe that you may have experienced a pipe break.

1.) Turn off the Water Main or Water Source

The first thing that you must do is turn off the water main or water source.

2.) Document the Scene

Take photo and video evidence all of areas that are damaged, including the actual water leak if you witness the loss occurring.   Do not throw away any items.

3.) File a Claim with the Insurance Company

File a claim as soon as possible with the insurance company. 

4.) Contact a Pipe Break Attorney Like Cernitz Law

Contact a pipe break attorney immediately to help navigate through the claims process, as the insurance companies may play games, deliberately delay investigating your claim and making a decision, and other tactics.    

5.) Prevent Further Damage

It is understandable that you may need to dry up the water, mitigate damages and/or make temporary repairs to your plumbing system. Save all receipts as evidence of incurred losses.

Contact a Top Property Insurance Claim Attorney to Review Your Policy

Obtain a copy of your homeowners’ policy and contact a property insurance claim attorney to review the extent of your coverages. Each policy is unique in variances and the extent of coverage provided. The insurance company intentionally uses complex and confusing language to further complicate the claims process.

Your pipe break attorney can help you review your policy, coverages, and walk you through the process of gathering evidence and filing a claim.

Never Accept the First Offer from the Insurance Company

The biggest issue with property damage claims is the insurance company is likely to approve a claim but for far less than its worth. You deserve to be compensated for 100% of the resulting losses. Do not accept any offer from the insurance company without first speaking with a legal professional to determine what your case is worth.

A Pipe Break Lawyer Can Help if Your Claim is Denied

The insurance company may attempt to deny your claim. A pipe break lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to fight if the insurance company even if your claim has been denied.

Contact an Experienced Pipe Break Attorney Today

Reach out to an experienced pipe break attorney today to get the compensation that you are due for your water damage claim. Allow our team of experienced property damage lawyers to deal with the insurance company. At Cernitz Law, we spent years working for insurance companies. We know their games and how to beat them.

Let our team fight for you.  Reach out to Cernitz Law if you have been impacted by a pipe break, leak, or other event and have issues with recovering your justified compensation.  Don’t let the insurance company dominate. Please reach out to Cernitz Law at 305-370-3255 or a visit online to schedule a free consultation.