5 Qualities to Look For in a Miami Personal Injury Attorney


1. Extensive Legal Knowledge About Your Area of Personal Injury

The first important criteria in hiring a personal injury attorney in Miami is to hire a lawyer who has extensive knowledge about the area of law pertaining to your case. Like other attorneys, Miami personal injury attorneys may focus on some particular area of the law, like motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, or wrongful death lawsuits. Some may focus exclusively on one area, like medical malpractice.

If you have a claim for a slip and fall injury, their experience and legal knowledge in the area of medical malpractice may not be optimal for your particular case. Many times there is overlap among ways to handle cases, and even in areas of the law. But it is in your interest to ensure that your Miami lawyer knows your area of the law inside and out. This is a fundamental requirement for making a good choice. Many lawyers claim to have knowledge in a particular area.

How can you know if they know your area of law? Speak up during your consultation and ask them. Ask them how well they know an area of the law, and how it pertains to your case specifically.

2. A Track Record of Success in Winning Miami Personal Injury Claims Just Like Yours

All Miami personal injury attorneys began with zero clients. They all took the long, arduous road through law school and the bar exam, then to work as an underling at some large or small law firm. But they all had to begin their practice somewhere.

It is not in your interest to be the client with whom they are getting their feet wet in personal injury law. You have been injured and should feel confident in their track record so you don’t have to add to your worries. You want success. Winners. Settlements. Victories.

How Do you Know their Track Record?

  • Ask them in your free consultation about some cases they have won in your area of personal injury
  •  Read online reviews. In the case of personal injury law, clients who have hired a lawyer and lost are not quiet about their experience.
  •  In reading online reviews, watch out for those 1-star reviews. If they dominate a Miami personal injury lawyer’s online profile, go elsewhere. It is not unusual for a former client now and again to feel slighted or angry and leave a bad review. But too many of these? Choose a different attorney.

3. Experience Handling Personal Injury Cases in Miami


This section is devoted to a time-tested adage: experience counts. In the area of personal injury law, it is recommended to go with an attorney that has experience handling personal injury cases. That makes sense, right? If you have a need for a brain surgeon, one of the first questions you would ask about is how long they have been a surgeon, how many brain surgeries like yours they have done, and more. Personal injury lawyers are not different. Miami is a unique legal community, with certain idiosyncrasies which experienced lawyers know how to navigate. You will want to seek an experienced lawyer for your case. Do your due diligence and find someone you are comfortable with.

4. Choose An Aggressive, Fierce Advocate for Your Case


Everyone’s personality is different. The bombastic lawyer is not everyone’s taste. The aggressive, egomaniac may not be either. The quiet, unassuming lawyer may not work either. But regardless of their personality traits, there should be no question when you interview them that they are passionate and will aggressively advocate for your case. This is their job. Again, those legal reviews can serve to illustrate how passionate the attorney is, but this is something you can sense intuitively in your first meeting. If you learn more about them, you can confirm this. But legal service is first and foremost about advocacy. You need someone in the trenches with you, who will fight for you, and when you win, they win. Be mindful of choosing an aggressive advocate when you make your final decision as to which lawyer to go with.

5. Honesty and Integrity


One of the tenets of living a happier life as humans is to surround ourselves with good people. All of the great teachers and writings speak of this as essential to a happy life.

In seeking a Miami attorney to handle your personal injury claim, the process should be no different. It is imperative that you choose someone who has a reputation for honesty and integrity.

Cernitz Law Checks All of the Boxes as Your Best Choice for a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyers at Cernitz Law have decades of experience in the entire range of personal injury lawsuits. Slip and fall? Car accident? Injured on someone else’s property? Wrongful death? They have a reputation in the field for honesty and integrity and passionately and aggressively defend their clients’ interests. Their record with the Florida Bar Association is unblemished and impeccable.

What about success? Do they check this box? The short and longer answer is a resounding, “YES!”. Success. Over and over again. Unexpectedly large settlements for their clients, and big wins in big cases. Read some of their client reviews and browse around the web to learn more about them. Most importantly? Reach out and tell them your situation. They will promptly get back to you and offer suggestions and good advice as to the next steps in your claim.