Understanding Hurricane Damage in Florida

Within Florida, hurricanes are an anticipated yearly phenomena that bring destructive forces along with them. Becoming familiar with the types of damaged property one can expect is key to understanding the range of fallout a hurricane can cause. In most cases, everything from structural damage to water intrusion and loss of personal belongings can happen. 

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Engaging a Property Damage Attorney in Florida

After a hurricane has subsided and it’s safe to return home, connect with an experienced property damage attorney in Florida, such as those at Cernitz Law. These legal professionals will evaluate the extent of your property damage and help you navigate the aftermath. Remember, acquiring a skilled lawyer provides invaluable support during this stressful period. 

Secure Safety in the Aftermath: Dangers and Precautions

Post-hurricane safety must never be underestimated. Engage awareness about the unseen risks in the aftermath. Avoidance of potential pitfalls such as damaged roads, wet electrical devices, and gas leaks from broken lines is crucial for safety. Further, use protective gear while examining your damaged property to protect yourself from possible injuries or infections. 

Refrain from Self-repairs: Importance of Hiring Professionals

The allure to expedite recovery by doing your own repairs can be strong but refrain from such practices. Hire professionals instead. Damage is not always visible or predictable and attempting self-repairs may lead to unintended additional expenses down the line. 

Until full repairs can be made, take steps to protect your home from additional damage. Cover broken windows. Place tarps over damaged roof areas. Block off areas with hazardous debris. Rope off parts of the home that are structurally unsound.

Removing standing water and drying out carpet and flooring should also be done quickly to prevent mold growth. Pumping out basements or crawl spaces is important too. Extract any wet insulation or use dehumidifiers.

Secure your property by locking undamaged entrances and boarding up broken doors/windows. Have someone check on the property daily if you cannot stay there.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Carefully review your homeowners or flood insurance policy so you understand what is covered. Standard policies may not cover flood/storm surge damage. Know your deductible amounts.

Save all receipts for additional living expenses if displaced from your home. Hotels, meals, clothing and other essentials may be reimbursable up to policy limits. Tracking expenses is crucial. Legal representation is often essential for maximum claim recovery. 

Insurance Claims: Navigating Claims with a Property Damage Lawyer

Filing claims for hurricane damage can be complex and require extensive documentation. Having a professional property damage lawyer on your side ensures an accurate claim submission process, speeding up compensation and mitigating disputes that may arise. 

Some duties your property damage lawyer can assist with include:

  • Thoroughly documenting the damage for present and future reference 

  • Liaising with the insurance company on your behalf 

  • Assessing policy coverage 

  • Collecting and presenting essential evidence 

  • Negotiating with insurance firms 

The claims process can take weeks or months depending on damage severity. Complex claims often take longer. Communication with your insurer is key to keeping the process moving efficiently.


1. What are the first steps after experiencing hurricane damage to home in Florida?

Connect with a qualified property damage attorney for expert legal advice on property damage claims.

 2. What happens if my home is damaged in a hurricane?

If damages occur, you file an insurance claim stating the extent of property damage. However, hiring an attorney helps make this process seamless. 

3. What should I do when a hurricane damages my home?

Once it’s safe, you should document all damages extensively. Engage an attorney to help with your insurance claim. 

4. How can a Miami property insurance lawyer assist me?

They can negotiate with insurance companies and navigate policy disputes on your behalf, ensuring due compensation for property damages.

 5. What should I not do after experiencing hurricane damage to my Florida home?

Avoid attempting do-it-yourself repairs. Hiring professional help is advised. Also, steer clear of signing any documents from your insurer before reviewing them with your attorney.

Selecting a Property Damage Attorney in Florida 

If you’re suffered property damage, you do not have to navigate the claims process alone. Our team has years of experience helping clients win cases throughout South Florida. For your free consultation, call Cernitz Law today at  305-370-3255