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Our Florida Business & Contract Law Services

The only way for a business big or small to grow and continue to succeed is if its legal interests are protected. This includes properly forming the right type of business entity, entering into legally sound contracts that are in the company’s best interests, ensuring full compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, and swiftly addressing any disputes that may arise. Cernitz Law is committed to addressing the legal needs of businesses across the Miami area and throughout Southern Florida. Every industry is highly competitive, and even with the best product or service, you may find your company’s future in jeopardy if your legal interests are not preserved. It can take a single, seemingly small misstep to create significant financial losses or a ripple effect that results in a business’s downfall. We can help you avoid such missteps and provide counsel and representation whenever you need an experienced commercial and business lawyer in your corner.

Cernitz Law Firm in Miami Florida are experts in business litigation

Business & Commercial Claims We Handle

Some of our business and commercial legal services include:

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Breach of contract matters
  • Business dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration, mediation)
  • Business formation
  • Compliance issues
  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts and transactions
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Real estate transactions, disputes, and litigation
  • Trade secret contracts and violations

Securing Legal Counsel Now Can Prevent Future Litigation

Did you know that businesses can avoid most disputes altogether with the guidance of an attorney? Rather than waiting until there is a problem to enlist the help of a lawyer, having legal counsel on your side from day one is essential. A dedicated business lawyer can advise you regarding important business decisions and contracts to help you avoid litigation and other legal hiccups entirely. Our Miami business and commercial litigation attorneys can even help you to uncover liability weaknesses and loopholes you may never have detected.

However, there may come times when legal action such as litigation is inevitable. In such cases, you can be confident that our lawyers are prepared to represent your interests to the courtroom. We will be by your side defending your business interests no matter what hurdles appear.

Why Cernitz Law for Your Business Law Needs?

At Cernitz Law, we take the time and effort necessary to help our clients protect their business interests—no matter what. Our Miami commercial lawyers are committed to accessibility and communication at all times, allowing us to cultivate solid attorney-client relationships that yield positive results. With over two dozen years of legal experience, we have what it takes effectively identify your company’s goals and then take the right steps to accomplish these, all while preventing problems that can jeopardize your business interests.  Undervaluing property damage estimates