Hurricane Claim

Insurance Company initially paid $131,000 and refused to pay a dollar more on our client’s Hurricane Irma claim. After litigating the case, Cernitz Law was able to recover another $750,000 in new money for the client.


Commercial/Business Dispute

Cernitz Law represented a business owner against another business owner in a complex commercial/business dispute. The case went to trial and Cernitz Law obtained a verdict of $10,400,000.


Car Accident

Our law firm achieved a remarkable victory in a car accident lawsuit, winning our client a substantial settlement of $1,400,000. The injury party, who suffered severe injuries, received the rightful compensation they deserved due to our dedicated legal representation and relentless pursuit of justice.


Car Accident

Our law firm successfully represented our client in a car accident lawsuit, securing a substantial settlement of $300,000 due to their significant injuries. By meticulously building a compelling case and leveraging our expertise, we fought to ensure our client received rightful compensation for their severe injuries and related damages.


Hurricane Claim

The insurance company refused to pay our client any more than $58,000.00, after litigating the case Cernitz Law obtained another $295,000 for our client’s Hurricane Wilma claim.


Plumbing/Water Damage

The insurance company denied coverage for a beloved Miami restaurant/bar owner for a major plumbing/water damage loss. After litigating the case in federal court, Cernitz Law obtained a settlement for $250,000.


Plumbing Loss

Cernitz Law was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $185,000 from the insurance company for the client’s plumbing claim.


Plumbing Loss

Insured/client had a plumbing loss and was seeking money for his damages. Cernitz Law discovered an irregularity that most attorneys would not have discovered and the insurance company settled the claim for over 4 times the amount the client was asking for.


Home Repair Claim

After the insurance company performed sub-standard repairs, Cernitz Law sued the insurance company and was able to force the insurance company to pay our client $90,000.


Hurricane Irma claim for condo association

More than a 2 year late notice where the insurance company failed to grant coverage and pay a single cent. Prior counsel for the association couldn’t get any movement or grant of coverage or response or anything from the insurance company. Shortly after we got involved and filed suit, the insurance company granted coverage and the case settled.


Elevator Collapse In An Office Building

The insurance company wouldn’t make a coverage determination and payment. Once we got involved the insurance company granted coverage and the case settled.


Bicycle Accident

Our law firm has successfully secured a $5 million settlement for our client in a bicycle accident case. This substantial compensation will provide the much-needed financial support for their recovery and is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the relentless pursuit of justice. (NY Office)


Auto Injury

Our law firm successfully negotiated a settlement of $1.5 million for an auto injury case, securing fair compensation for our client’s damages and losses. (NY Office)


Bodily Injury Coverage

Our law firm achieved a remarkable triumph by winning a $2 million settlement for bodily injury coverage, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to fighting for our client’s rights and ensuring they received substantial compensation for their injuries and related damages. This outcome highlights our expertise in navigating complex legal cases and our dedication to securing maximum recovery for our clients. (NY Office)


Neck And Knee Injury

In a resounding victory, our law firm successfully secured a $1 million settlement for bodily injury coverage, specifically addressing our client’s neck and knee injuries. This substantial compensation reflects our relentless pursuit of justice and our unwavering dedication to ensuring our clients receive fair recompense for their pain, suffering, and medical expenses. (NY office)


Fractured Hip Car Accident

We are delighted to announce our law firm’s remarkable success in a car accident case, as we achieved a noteworthy victory by winning a $600,000 settlement for bodily injury coverage related to our client’s fractured hip. This substantial financial resolution underscores our unwavering dedication to fiercely advocating for our clients and ensuring they receive the necessary compensation to facilitate their healing and regain their quality of life. (NY Office)


Traffic Accident Injury

Our law firm scored a momentous victory by successfully securing a $1.1 million settlement for a car accident case caused by a U.S. Postal Service truck. This notable outcome underscores our relentless dedication to seeking justice for our clients and obtaining substantial compensation to cover their injuries, damages, and associated hardships. (NY Office)


Car Accident

We are pleased to announce a remarkable achievement by our law firm in a car accident case, where we successfully won a verdict of $840,000. This outstanding outcome showcases our relentless dedication to providing exemplary legal representation and securing substantial compensation for our clients, acknowledging the profound impact of the accident on their well-being and livelihood. (NY office)