Hurricane Claim

Insurance Company initially paid $131,000 and refused to pay a dollar more on our client’s Hurricane Irma claim. After litigating the case, Cernitz Law was able to recover another $750,000 in new money for the client.


Commercial/Business Dispute

Cernitz Law represented a business owner against another business owner in a complex commercial/business dispute. The case went to trial and Cernitz Law obtained a verdict of $10,400,000.


Hurricane Claim

The insurance company refused to pay our client any more than $58,000.00, after litigating the case Cernitz Law obtained another $295,000 for our client’s Hurricane Wilma claim.


Plumbing/Water Damage

The insurance company denied coverage for a beloved Miami restaurant/bar owner for a major plumbing/water damage loss. After litigating the case in federal court, Cernitz Law obtained a settlement for $250,000.


Plumbing Loss

Cernitz Law was able to secure a settlement in the amount of $185,000 from the insurance company for the client’s plumbing claim.


Plumbing Loss

Insured/client had a plumbing loss and was seeking money for his damages. Cernitz Law discovered an irregularity that most attorneys would not have discovered and the insurance company settled the claim for over 4 times the amount the client was asking for.


Home Repair Claim

After the insurance company performed sub-standard repairs, Cernitz Law sued the insurance company and was able to force the insurance company to pay our client $90,000.

Damage Appraisal Claim

The insurance company prevented the client’s public adjuster from representing her in the appraisal and Cernitz Law argued that it was substantively unconscionable. That forced the insurance company to settle for the full amount of money the client was asking for.

Home Repair Claim

The insurance company elected to repair the client’s damaged home and did a poor job. Cernitz Law argued that by exercising its right to repair it obligated the insurance company to ensure repairs were done right. Because the repairs weren’t done properly the insurance company owed the client money he was originally asking for.

Rental Property Vandalism

After our client had his rental properties vandalized, the insurance company claimed he committed insurance fraud. After fighting extensively on behalf of our client, the insurance company settled the claim and paid the money he needed to make the repairs to the rental properties.

Roof Leak

Client suffered a roof leak that the insurance company denied, claiming it wouldn’t be covered. Cernitz Law argued that the insurance company changed the policy and did not provide proper notice. As a result, the insurance company settled and paid for repairs.

Restaurant Plumbing Damage

Client operated a restaurant that sustained a plumbing loss, which required the repair of the underground plumbing system. Insurance company denied the claim but Cernitz Law argued their exclusion in the policy didn’t refer to their repair. As a result, the insurance company settled and paid them what they needed to make all repairs.

Water Damage

The insurance company paid $10,000 to the client for her plumbing loss, claiming the policy had a limitation. Cernitz Law figured out that the insurance company was engaged in a scheme and as a result, the insurance company settled and paid the full amount to make repairs.